"The weak compete. The strong dominate."
Grant Cardone

Perfecting posture and developing mind-body superiority, specific to a sport, should be at the foundation of every equestrian and equine athletes' strength and communication programs! Our Equestrian - Equine Biomechanics Programs leverage an elite style of strengthening, mobilizing and conditioning the musculoskeletal and neurological systems of the athlete.

We are the best at coaching sport specific exercise for equestrians - exclusive to their posture, performance and injuries. Our Equestrian Biomechanics Programs re-engineer the way a rider's body controls it's spine, style and seat for precise, positive communication with the horse. These custom-designed programs guarantee immediate, positive results in riding. They will improve, even a great equestrian's ability, to relax and follow the horse's movements, as well as control their hands independently from the rest of the body, relieving tension throughout the horse's mouth, spine and longissimus muscle. The Equestrian - Equine Biomechanics approach will coach you through mobilizations and sport-specific exercises until they become second nature.

Balance your seat, apply aids properly, and breathe with ease in this next generation approach to a timeless tradition.

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