"If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always gotten"
Anthony Robbins

The Equine Abstract has teamed up with ptEnhance, the world’s best personal training software. This means you’ll receive the very best in advanced online coaching!

This software is designed in partnership with the C.H.E.K Institute so we can offer you exclusive features that you won’t find anywhere else in the world of online coaching!


You'll get beautifully crafted programs for your customized training plan, which you can access at any time online, or print them out to take them with you wherever you go!

Awesome Exercise Programs

1 Watch videos of your exercises from your exclusive client area.

2 High quality videos show exercises clearly.

3 Simple instructions for easy learning.

4 Specific notes can be customized for you.


Have you struggled to follow a poorly-designed, hand-drawn diagram as part of a workout routine?

No more! You’ll get a video with each exercise, so you can keep in perfect form during every workout, without having to worry about having a trainer accompany you in person to demonstrate your exercises for you.

Videos for every exercise

1 There are over 2500 videos to choose from, for every kind of exercise, so you’ll never run out of fitness ideas to try!

2 You can view them in full screen and loop them for easy and clear viewing.

3 Using the patented Bio Motor Ability (BMA) rating system, we can find you the best exercises to match your fitness levels.


You’ll see statistics all along the way which let you track exactly what’s happening in your personal training program, where your progress should be up to that point, and where you can expect to be in the future.

Monitor your program and track progress

1 You’ll see useful information on volume, intensity, density, muscle group distribution, and more!

2 You’ll be able to monitor how well you adhere to your program to help you stay motivated.

3 You can watch your results improving each time you exercise, with weekly updates on how you’re progress.


You can fill out assessments and questionnaires online and get the results illustrated with beautifully designed graphs to help you visualize the results in a better way.

Online assesments, questionnaires and results

1 You’ll see your results in a report which you can view from your exclusive client area or easily print to review.

2 They include a summary graph of your total nutrition and lifestyle load.

3 Individual sections will show low, medium, and high-risk areas of your life.


ptEnhance is cutting edge technology, but it’s also compatible with just about every modern platform out there!

Works across all platforms

1 That means you can use a PC or a Mac, a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

2 Compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer or whatever your preferred browser.

3 You can access your personalized training package with your current hardware.

For these and many other reasons, The Equine Abstract has partnered with ptEnhance to bring you the best possible results with your personal training regime!

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