The Equine Abstract as a Tangible

Eric Alexander Brown

Owner of The Equine Abstract, is a an Equestrian - Equine Biomechanic, C.H.E.K qualified Practitioner, C.H.E.K Exercise Coach, certified personal trainer specializing in equestrian performance, corrective exercise and holistic health and fitness.

"My mission is to strengthen the athletic connection between every equestrian and their horses. I coach riders, trainers, human and equine athletes with elite equestrian – equine biomecanics programs involving movement, exercise, nutrition, breathing, and periodization. I specialize in identifying imbalances, asymmetries, crookedness, and dysfunctions in equestrians and horses.

My professional background pulls from highly integrative approaches to movement, athletic conditioning, communication, and physiology. This has helped me to view my body, mind, lifestyle, company, and dreams as a single interwoven program, or journey. I understand that to have any permanent improvement in equestrian performance or physique - it begins with a whole body approach to wellness and desire to see your habit-forming dreams become reality.

My goals are not fascinations, they are dreams that I obsess over. Sharing these obsessions not only improves my client’s performance and well being, sharing helps me build upon my own performance and well being. Every trainer, rider, and horse owner must understand their horse's needs, as well as their own, are a priority! This ensures that everyone is treated and cared with the most attention and intention."

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