At The Equine Abstract, we specialize in designing and coaching personalized strength and communication programs exclusively for English - discipline equestrians, polo players, and endurance riders. Our Equestrian - Equine Biomechanics Programs customizes and guarantees rapid, permanent results unique to each rider's goals, needs, and sport. Our mission to strengthen the athletic connection between every rider and their horse is rooted in 13 passionate years of professional experience working with horses and athletes in both rehabilitative, base conditioning and high performance phases of their training.

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No matter how serious the problem, there is always a solution.

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We use unmounted and mounted primal movement assessments to determine range of motion imbalances and postural dysfunctions. Physiological appraisals inform and guide us to permanent fat loss, inflammation reduction and precise communication in the saddle.

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A clear, direct path to improvement and change is formulated. One of a kind coaching helps riders understand complex dysfunctions with simple, step-by-step solutions. Each detail described and coached, contributes to permanent results, unseen performance, and intuitive feeling.

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Wake up muscles you have never used before. The mental and physical challenges ahead will sculpt, strengthen, and control the stabalizers needed for precise communication through the seat, legs, and hands. Only the finest training sessions produce the finest scores.

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Recreate yourself and become the equestrian you want to be every 90 days. Increase your confidence, reignite your passions and discover what else you are capable of, poised for the next set of challenges.

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Dressage, Hunter/Jumper & Eventing

Whether attacking an oxer or counting strides -effortlessly ride in perfect harmony, understanding and balance - while leading your team’s performance. Development of an equestrian's biomotor abilities eliminates training plateaus and premature fatigue. Increase energy, flexibility, stability, endurance, strength, and coordination.

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Polo is about communication, finesse and power - between your pony and teammates, as well as between your brain and musculoskeletal system. When your brain communicates effectively with the body - possession of the ball, looking behind you, light contacts for turning, and a straight arm follow through become habitual, automatic, precise movements pulled from a subconscious repertoire of commands ready to be executed without thought or stumble.

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Endurance Equestrians

A perfect balance of high-stamina, strength building exercises and precise recovery prescriptions create the inexhaustible equestrian. Reduce unnecessary tension, inflammation and fatigue by reengineering how long the body maintains stabilization of the spine and pelvis. Create a diaphragmatic breathing pattern that lasts the entire race. Begin to ride more miles in less time.

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The Equine Athlete

We provide consulting for Correction of Equine Crookedness with Straightness Training. Eliminate the horse's heaviness in the front and a natural inborn crookedness. Reduce motion related dysfunctions and tension. With a network of professional relationships, we give practical advice to correct the horse’s physical and mental concerns as a whole.

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"Science comes before art can begin"
George Morris

"Some riders are born with a feel for balance, but most of us spend thousands of hours trying to figure out how to balance in the saddle. In the process, we learn that a loss of balance crates tension, which inevitably prevents the ability to feel. The tense ridr can't feel her horse and the tense horse can't feel his rider."
Beth Baumert

"Warming up the rider's body in preparation for training and competition is a neglected topic that most people do not think of a s important."
Eckhart Meyners

"Exercise is like a drug take a wrong exercise you get the wrong response."
Paul Chek

The Equine Abstract

My mission is to strengthen the athletic connection between every equestrian and their horses. I coach riders, trainers, human and equine athletes with elite equestrian – equine biomecanics programs involving movement, exercise, nutrition, breathing, and periodization. I specialize in identifying imbalances, asymmetries, crookedness, and dysfunctions in equestrians and horses.

I am an Equesetrian - Equine Biomechanic, CHEK Practitioner, Exercise Coach and Personal Trainer. My professional background pulls from highly integrative approaches to movement, athletic conditioning, communication, and physiology. This has helped me to view my body, mind, lifestyle, company, and dreams as a single interwoven program, or journey. I understand that to have any permanent improvement in equestrian performance or physique - it begins with a whole body approach to wellness and desire to see your habit-forming dreams become reality.

My goals are not fascinations, they are dreams that I obsess over. Sharing these obsessions not only improves my client’s performance and well being, sharing helps me build upon my own performance and well being. Every trainer, rider, and horse owner must understand their horse's needs, as well as their own, are a priority! This ensures that everyone is treated and cared with the most attention and intention.

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